Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart episode 5

Love, Sex

Story of broken heart and the events those helped me collect the beautiful pieces of my heart.

Continued from episode 4

Claire: Why don't you stay here tonight. We can go to work together in the morning and you can tell me what you are looking for in a girl.
Me: I don't think that will be a good idea.

Claire: Why not? You don't like my company or I am bothering you?
Me: No no; you are misunderstanding. It will be inconvenient for you.

Claire: Forget about all this tell me what you are looking for in a girl. What's your choice?
Me: Nothing much just want some one who love me for what I am and be open about her wants and needs. By the way, don't want any girl in life at the moment.

Claire: OK; fair enough. You don't want relationship or don't want girl near you?
Me: Stop confusing me in all that. Lets check your pics from last holidays.

Claire: Should I tell you a secret?
Me: What is it?

Claire: I fancied you at one point few years back but then got carried away by relationship with my ex-boy friend.
Me: You never mentioned it before, surprising to me. I always thought you are interested in some one who is more in to art and nature. Not in to people like me who is all in to night out and holidays with friends.

Claire: Probably I was a shy girl in Uni and you thought I am not in to partying and enjoying with friends.
Me: Don't make me feel guilty now, you are one of the best friend I could ever had. Today I can feel your importance even more.

Claire: I will be back in a minute, finish your beer I will get another for you.
Me: I think, I am fine with this one for the time being.

Claire: Now I am relaxed after change. You want me to show you how to get girl of your choice.
Me: Yeah sure.

Claire: Try we make your profile there.
Me: Oh, that's different I never tried this before. Is it any good?

Claire: You will love it. It is different from traditional dating sites but more like face book where you can make girl friend by chatting to random girls of your choice.
Me: Hey you look different with glasses, never seen you before wearing glasses.

Claire: Are you saying, I don't look nice in glasses. I think I look unattractive with glasses on that's why always wear lenses.
Me: No you look classy and seductive with glasses. Actually I never noticed Claire like this before.

Claire: If you are flirting with me then it's fine but if you are lieing then stop it now.
Me: I swear you look hot. As I said that I could feel Claire's hand on my hand.

Claire: Oh so nice of you. I always wished to have a man in my life like you and I still like you a lot.
Me: Before I could say anything, I can feel Claire so close to me. Actually can hear her breathing and see her lips getting closer to mine. Feeling strange but double minded, should I kiss or just stop here. But Claire was looking pretty and very attractive at that moment.

Will continue in next episode next Saturday...