Can Fatty Foods Cause Couples To Fight More?

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A study suggests that saturated fat may elevate stress hormone levels and lead to fights.

A guy might fear than his lady is going to totally let herself go after they get married. A broad may be a little nervous that her fella could be eating himself towards a very, very early grave. And both dudes and chicks are nervous that too much weight gain will turn from cute "cushion for the pushin'" into sexual dysfunction and uncomfortable Tetris-like positions required for coupling. BUT tells us there is a much more insidious problem related to fatty food intake. Is Comfort Food Causing Your Depression?

Studies have been performed that suggest fatty meals could make fighting with your partner super-stressful. The Ohio State University is attempting to prove that foods rich in saturated fat will increase stress hormones and thusly affect our emotional responses. Shape Magazine has a few great tips on how not to let eating lead to fighting (unless, of course, it's a sexy food fight). Could it just be that no one ever particularly feels like doing the dishes is their responsibility? Plus, giving someone the international symbol for "I choked it down, don't expect a compliment" when they ask you how the food tasted is a good way to get a fork through your hand.

In my experience, overdoing it on any sort of food, fatty or otherwise, leads to extreme lethargy and fights about who gets to be the little spoon and not have any belly pressure. And if my belly is full of soup, again fatty or otherwise, starting an argument in the hope that it leads to either hate sex or makeup sex is completely pointless. When this meal is a-sloshin', don't come a-moshin'. Most of my most stressful eating experiences come from a propensity I have to surround myself with people who have no concept of arriving for dinner on time. Food Or Getting Frisky: What Do Men Think About More?

But I very much agree that some huge percentage of our emotions and actions is dictated by the whims of our hormones. Those hormones can get tweaked pretty easily by what we pack into our guts. Perhaps the image of the jolly fat guy has blinded us to the deleterious effects of ass-exploding foods. Whatever the case, it's probably a good idea, especially for me as I enter my Larry Bird year*, for all of us to be a little more cognizant of what we eat and how it makes us feel.

Our good buds at CollegeCandy, also dismissing the idea of being fat and happy, have a good (and scary) infographic about some of our favorite foods and what it takes to carve those calories off of our love handles. What on Earth do they put in the Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad?

*Note: Larry Bird wore the number 33 and I'm coming up on my 33rd birthday (which will technically be my 34th year).

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