The Truth About Entering Into a Relationship


Marriage and relationships are not perfect, but can be lasting and satisfying.

Marriage and relationships are not perfect, but can be lasting and satisfying. It is up to the couple to maintain a healthy relationship that can bring about good things in their lives such as having children. Here are some of the most common concerns about getting into a lasting relationship or marriage:

1. Knowing who’s right for you
Deciding on who are you going to marry is not as simple as answering compatibility questions. Sometimes, the most opposite people can be a perfect couple. To know who’s right for you, reflect on yourself. Look for chemistry, security, trust, honesty, respect, and fun. However, you may not have to dig further into these because the perfect partner for you just feels so. Other people say: “I just know that person is the right one for me”. When you feel this, you often don’t go wrong.

2. Pointers for a successful relationship
When you go into marriage or any partnership, you have to remember your commitment for each other. The fact that you know your responsibilities for the other person means that you are going to do things to keep the relationship and work things out. A relationship or marriage that has not been founded by commitment will easily disintegrate. Another aspect that you should develop in a relationship is active listening. When one listens sincerely, you are able to know what your partner wants and be able to act in such a way that will satisfy the other person. Aside from these, another important thing in a relationship is respect. Don’t put your partner down, instead, work together to be the best that you can be.

3. Most common misunderstandings of a couple
Knowing what you often fight about makes you aware of not starting or initiating misunderstanding. The most common thing that couples fight about is money, children and sex. Most couples fight about the same things regardless of race, social and economic status. Often, couples are able to mend their way. This means that all misunderstandings can be resolved with proper communication and understanding.

4. How to keep the fire burning
Relationships that have ended rooted from not maintaining the same ground just like the feelings they had when they first got married. It is very important to maintain love and intimacy to avoid other not so good things to enter a relationship. Men should constantly court their spouses as women should continue to flirt with their husband. In these ways, couples are able to keep their love, excitement and intimacy with each other. Another thing to do is keep your sexual spark alive by trying new things, making love at different times, places and trying new adventures with each other.

5. What to do when your relationship is in a bad situation
The first to do is accept the presence of a problem and work things out together. Try to attend couples’ therapy to examine what has been the problem and what needs to be done.

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