5 Things Men Hate About Women


Be sure to avoid these 5 big mistakes!

Hate may be a strong word, but there are some things that just get under men's skin when it comes to women's habits. Deep down they may love us – and dare I say admire us – , but they also have their critical side that gets rubbed the wrong way when do certain things.

This list may come as part of a surprise to you, and it might even tick you off. After all, many of these qualities or behaviors are what makes us who we are. But it may give you a chance to look within and see which one of these “5 Things Men Hate About Women” you need to stop doing. It could be keeping you from the man of your dreams.


Before you try to argue that men often give us a reason to be jealous and therefore this first item should be disregarded, let me say that I agree with you. Sometimes it makes sense for us to feel upset when we catch our significant other eyeing up an attractive woman across the room.

The jealousy we're talking about here is the kind that seems to intrude on the inner space you two share. Some women struggle with this more than others. When you constantly bring up feelings of jealousy, it lurks over both of your heads and makes things uncomfortable. Deal with it in another way, because he hates when you distrust him.


If you want something done, it might be better to do it yourself. We've seen this time after time when we ask our man to do something for us and he's sitting on the couch watching TV. Or maybe it shows up through criticism that's undeserving. There's nothing worse to a man than a woman who won't get off his case. Don't be that woman.

Deceiving first impressions

In the beginning, be yourself. This is the golden rule to all situations in life, really, but it applies especially in matters of dating and love. Men hate when women put on a show or pretend to be something they're not. They don't hate it initially, because it's often presented in a desirable way. They hate it down the road when they realize you are someone completely different. Be true to yourself, always.

Jumping to conclusions

Sure, both men and women do this. But it tends to irk men more than us when we falsely assume something that ends up leading to an argument. Play it safe and have an open mind at all times. This will save both of you from a headache or heartache in the future.

Tracking his every move

Men want to be free, not feel like they're in a cage. If you've ever tried to keep tabs on where your guy is, he hated it whether or not he told you. There's something about it that makes them feel held back, as if their wild warrior spirit can't roam free, as their great ape ancestors used to do. (Hilarious, but true.)

It's best to let him do his thing and trust him. After all, doesn't he do the same for you? Next time you find yourself wanting to track where he's been and what he's been doing, flip the tables in your head and imagine how controlled you'd feel if you were on the other side of it.

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