A-List Links: David Beckham Gets A Hot Kiss For His Birthday

David Beckham up-close

Plus, Giuliana Rancic's biggest mommy fear and Rihanna gets very inappropriate at a strip club.

It's been a very happy birthday for soccer hottie David Beckham, who turns 37 today. The stud was gifted with a serious public display of affection from his equally hot wife, Victoria Beckham! Watch the kissing action here: (TooFab)

Giuliana Rancic can't wait for the arrival of her surrogate baby later this summer, but she has one of the strangest first-time mom fears we've ever heard! What is she so nervous about? Find out: (People)

So, Rihanna went to a strip club the other night. She thought it'd be a great idea to tweet out photos of the NSFW action with comments like: "#ROCstarsh*t. My daddy would be proud." Would he, Rihanna? (PopCrush)

We can't wait for this year's MTV Movie Awards -- partly because it's the craziest award show around, and partly because awesome movies like The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids are up for those shiny moonmen. See the full nom list here: (ScreenCrush)

She may be blonde and pregnant, but Kristin Cavallari isn't expecting a baby girl like the rest of Hollywood these days (what's up, Maxwell Johnson?). Check out how word leaked about the sex of her baby: (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Have you seen this ridiculous video of Kate Upton shaking her ridiculous body to the song, 'Cat Daddy'? No wonder it went viral (and was banned from YouTube) yesterday! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Finally a celeb mom is speaking out against losing weight too quickly after giving birth. We love this popular TV actress for representing the truth! (CelebBabyLaundry)

We also loved Rachel Dratch when she was a cast member on SNL, but now she says she's typecast as a "manly lesbian." Poor Rachel. (uInterview)

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