Love Bytes: What Turns YOU On?

lobster man

Plus, 15 ways to impress him.

What turns us on? What happens when it's not what we tell other people it is? What happens what the things we find desirable and erotic are outside of the norm? What gets us going is weird. (Good Men Project)

Evidently, this man's BMW motorcycle got him quite turned on for two painful years. Of course he's suing. (Guy Speed)

Some people are excited by very confined spaces. Take the mysterious case of British secret agent Gareth Williams. (The Daily Beast)

Fifteen (15) ways to impress any dude (and his buds). (The Stir)

A man in Florida (where else?) decided the bachelor party ahead of him on the golf course need to learn a few manners courtesy of the business end of his 9 Iron. Going to a strip club sounds much safer now… (Huffington Post)

Five things Grandpa and Granny can teach us about marriage. (The Frisky)

Are you a modern couple? Then you'll need these 10 apps to stay on the same page, digitally. (The Gloss)

Should dudes get alimony? What if that dude is Seal? (Madame Noire)

And if you want Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex And The City, you just need a cool $10 million. (Tecca)

Mother's Day is coming at us like a freight train, here are 10 gifts moms will dig. (TheFW)

Does your dude have family drama? Here's how you get his back. (TresSugar)

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