John Mayer's New Song Is Definitely About Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer singing

The 34-year-old crooner sings about "letting go" from a heartfelt relationship.

It sure takes John Mayer a long time to get over someone, especially when that someone is America's sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston!

In his latest single, "Shadow Days," the singer croons about letting go, and many are buzzing that it's about his bubbly ex.

A source spilled the beans to Us Weekly saying, "'Shadow Days' is about Jen, it really took him a long time to get over her. He really loved her a lot ... He wrote the song as a farewell letter knowing she would hear it. Ultimately, he's done a lot of self reflection though and he realizes they weren't right for each other." Ranked: John Mayer's Douchiest Comments

Aniston, 43, and Mayer, 34, first began dating in April 2008, and after breaking up several times, they finally went their separate ways in late 2009. Unfortunately, it sounds like the breakup left Mayer a total wreck. 

He sings the lyrics: "You find yourself alone ... I found myself in pieces/On my hotel floor/Hard times help me see/I'm a good man with a good heart/Had a tough time, got a rough start/And I finally learned to let it go."

We're sure if times were different, any girl might consider running back to him with that voice and ache-filled song, but Aniston is finally happy, and she shows it everywhere. She has a deep and fulfilling love with beau Justin Theroux, and it's clear she and Mayer just weren't right for each other.

Now, Us Weekly's source is rooting for Mayer to find what his ex has found, insisting that "he is a really good guy" who's "looking for a nice, non-famous girl he can relate to ... He loved (Jen and Jessica Simpson, his other famous ex) both, but it really affected him emotionally and it wasn't worth it." Funnywoman Jessica Simpson On John Mayer, Nudity

So all you single ladies out there, Mayer is looking for a "normal" girl if you're up for it!

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