10 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Love, Self

Do you have a commanding presence or a limp handshake? Learn how to transform your demeanor.

 by Julie Robinson 

 Our hodge-podge group of friends / acquaintances met for football and dancing (odd combination, I know) at a local lounge rented out for a private party late last fall. Wearing my thigh high leather boots and sequin mini-skirt, I was ready to get down to some serious boogie-ing. The energy felt ripe for a woman who exudes confidence.

Looking around the room at the revelers I notice that some people seem to be having a better time than others. Our city’s team ends up winning the game in overtime, so I suppose it can have to do with some people having to pay through the nose to their bookie the next day. That can be the answer, but I think it has more to do with feeling alert, alive, and on the ball. I sit back with my vodka soda and begin observing the crowd.

It becomes apparent almost immediately that the folks who take the lead and confidently moving about from one group of people to the next have an exaggerated presence. They work the room and seem to be enjoying themselves. Other, less involved partygoers stand around the periphery and have sullen looks on their faces. These people look distant, waiting for attention, as they send out negative energy. Certainly some of us are more Type A personalities than others, and I completely understand that many people can be shy, but this whole question of confidence piques my curiosity and so I set out to test my hypothesis.

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