Inside Giuliana Rancic's Surprise Baby Shower!

Giuliana Rancic baby shower

After announcing her baby news, the E! host's co-workers surprised her with a party!

Just three days after going public with the news that she and her husband were expecting a baby via a surrogate, the E! Network's Giuliana Rancic was surprised with a baby shower at work! Giuliana Rancic & Husband Bill Expecting A Baby!

The shindig was thrown by Giuliana's assistant, and by the expression on her face that was captured in a photo, the 37-year-old Fashion Police co-host was quite shocked to walk into a conference room at E!'s Los Angeles offices and find herself surrounded by her colleagues and a super-cute, green and yellow-themed dessert table. 

"We waited for a good 10-15 minutes for G to come into the conference room where everything was set up," an insider tells People. "In true G fashion, she was on the phone until the very last minute we all yelled, 'Surprise!'"

According to People, the lovely bash included fun goodies like: "cakepops, mini-chocolate cupcakes and red velvet cake."

This likely won't be the only shower that will be thrown for Giuliana and her husband, Bill Rancic. Considering all of the struggles they've had over the past year—including her breast cancer and their inability to get pregnant naturally—we bet the couple's friends and family might want to shower them with confetti and sweets at least a few more times. Giuliana Rancic & 9 Celebs Who've Battled Breast Cancer

"A baby is a miracle to ANY family!" Tweeted a producer who works with Giuliana and attended the party. "All the staff here is so happy that (Giuliana) and Bill will FINALLY have their miracle!"

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Photo Credit: Twitter/People