Love Bytes: 13 Dating Red Flags From Pop Culture

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Plus, seven reasons men lie and inside a Wiccan sex coven.

The "red flags" articles just keep coming. This one is "13 scary new dating red flags," based on the latest pop culture trends. It's all well and good, but one thing I will not stand for is the besmirchment of Mad Men's Pete Campbell character. He was just never diagnosed with Asperger's. (The Gloss)

So, with all the talk of John Edwards' prostitution exploits and the Secret Service's prostitution exploits, and yadda yadda, are men just... stupid? (Good Men Project)

There are a million reasons men lie. Here are just seven. (Madame Noire)

Holy cow, STDs among seniors have gone up 70 percent in the last five years! The old folks should be having more safe sex. But sometimes a boombox is way too powerful. (Em & Lo)

Has a guy ever told you that you have a perfect face? He's a liar, unless you're Florence Colgate. (Huffington Post)

Finally! An Avengers porn parody. (GuySpeed)

Study shows that testosterone makes women run amok with selfishness. (Tecca)

There's a new romance novel about Britney Spears and K-Fed? Well, of course we want to read that. (TheFW)

When you're married, warm and fuzzy is better than hot and heavy. (

Inside John Friend's (remember the yoga sex cult guy?) Wiccan sex coven. (The Daily Beast)

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