Relationship Fail: You Are So Beautiful To Me, Can't You All See?

Man smooching face

He just can't help but gush... and she can't help posting it on Facebook!

Remember that day your significant other sent you a really sweet text message for no reason, and it filled your heart with warm, fluttery butterflies? Remember having the desire to share it with someone else, just to say, "Aww, look how much he loves me?"

Then surely you remember realizing how silly that would be, because sharing such an intimate exchange would just come off as showy and annoying. You, my friend, were thinking straight. This girl... was not.

After making the executive decision that yes, this text message should be cropped and uploaded to Facebook, perhaps this girl could've asked her boyfriend to resend the "sweet and romantic" message with "Your" spelled correctly. Then it would be in perfect shape to shamelessly share with the world! Relationship Fail: Mushy, Gushy Couple Nausea On Facebook

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