Mama boy?


My boyfriend broke our plans due to his mom

My boyfriend had plans to go to a celebration party for one of our friends. His mother called him and said one of his friends was moving out of state on Monday, this was a Saturday. He never told his mom that he had plans at 3pm and he was wanted to coming over to his moms at 1:30. He told me an hour would be plenty of time to visit and say goodbye.

We went to his moms and the dude didn't get to the house until 2 and we needed to leave at 2:30. Finally at 2:40 I said its time to go or we are going to be late. He acted all weird and I said ok stay I'm leaving. Which I did, I was late to the celebration too.

After the party I texted and said what he was doing and that I was annoyed. He called we talked for an hour...he had many moments of silience and the call didn't end well. I asked why he didn't tell his mom we at plans at 3pm and if the friend could come over later or the next day as he wasn't leaving until Monday. He said if his mom needed him he would always be there. I stated that this was not an emergent situation and that I wouldn't do it to him. It just tells me where I sit...way in the back seat.

When we have an issue of any kind, this is the second one in a 9 month period, he clams up and runs away...leaves and doesn't talk for a day or longer. He is clearly a mamas boy and I will always be a second thought when something she wants/needs comes up, that is my feeling anyway.

Any thoughts? I need some advise to improve this situation and to find some sort of resolution so it doesn't happen again. Or at least ward it off. Quite frankly I don't know if it is a cultural thing or if is a "him" thing.