Love Bytes: Would You Use A Pregnancy Surrogate, Like Giuliana?

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In other news, having emotions does not make women crazy.

After struggling with infertility, a miscarriage and breast cancer, E! News host Giuliana Rancic is ecstatic to finally be having a baby. We couldn't be happier for her and Bill. The baby the couple is expecting will be a biological child, but carried through a surrogate. Check out this video of Giuliana and Bill's "Today Show" announcement this morning. Do you have any experiences with the surrogate procedure? Let us know in the comments. (The Stir)

Oh come all ye faithful: A former pastor opens a sex toy shop, for Christians. (Huffington Post)

Did you know that fruit flies get their hearts broken too? And when they're heart-broken, they turn to booze...much like humans. (Tecca)

Do men really turn dumb around women? (GuySpeed)

Guess so, 'cause this man attacked his wife for an extremely absurd reason. (TheFW)

Enjoying giving blowjobs is not "crazy," and neither is expecting a guy to call you back. What's "crazy" is calling women "crazy" for having emotions. (The Gloss)

What your clothes say about you. (YouBeauty)

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