Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart -episode 3

Love, Heartbreak

Some one touched my shoulder saying; are you coming for lunch? That touch on my shoulder sent waves

Continued from episode 2

Some one touched my shoulder saying; are you coming for lunch? That touch on my shoulder sent waves through my heart thinking Becky standing on my back and asking to go for lunch. I answered yes in a very enthusiastic way but all this was drown away when I saw it was not Becky on the back.

Looking on my face Nick and Claire sensed something wasn't right. Every one was happy with the announcement of bonus payment and planning for party in the evening and I was lost in my thoughts. Not with standing my terrible face Claire asked what's wrong with me; I said nothing. With a grin on face Nick asked had Becky been through those days and laughed? Claire sensed some thing more than that and asked if relationship is OK?

I was feeling the burden of being dumped on my chest and could not stop myself. My answer was I fucked up and got dumped on Saturday. My girl is now Tom's girl and doesn't even want to talk to me. As soon as I said that I felt so much relieved by sharing this with some one who actually cared for me. Both Nick and Claire are friends from Uni and we shared some good time and helped each other in bad times.

Nick just busted out with a laugh saying drinks on me, “You are a free man, no more bull shit to take in life.” Claire was worried if I was all right and need any help. Actually I was all right I had passed through the worse and now I am a free man. At lunch they came to know the story of me being dumped by Becky. With that talk I started feeling refreshed and strong because there were my friends cheering me up.

This was the first meal I enjoyed in last 2 days and actually tasted the spices I put on my pasta. Nick asked me if I can join them for stag party on weekend and Claire invited me to a house party for Friday. Claire just mentioned that lot of her single fit friends will come to party in a teasing way to me. Suddenly I was feeling like there are few people around me, who care for me and want me to be happy. This seems to me an enough reason to smile and look forward.

We went back to the office after lunch and Nick being Nick created gossip in the office by announcing that I am single again. I felt embarrassed but did not feel bad. Actually in my mind there was a sense of freedom. Initially I was not going to evening drinks but now every one was looking forward to cheer me up and tease me.

Day got finished at work every one was meeting at pub on the corner for drinks. On our way to work I found out that all the guys in office were thinking I was becoming quite and dull in last three months. Now all of them knew why I was like that. Today I was centre of all the talk there and I was invited to all the parties and get together planned by every one in coming weeks.

At the bar when I was cheered by work mates with a toast to single hood. In my mind feeling was like I am back in past. As the drinks started flowing so the mind started getting clear and guilt was coming out of my head. This point I realised the importance of friends in life, especially in bad times. It was 7:30pm and we were ready to leave and go home. Claire invited me and Nick to come and have dinner at her place. Nick was going to his mom's place for dinner, so me and Claire took a cab to her place.

Will continue in next episode next Saturday