5 Great Places To Meet Singles


Forget meeting random drunkards at a bar.

Many single people go to the bar to meet potential mates, which does sometimes turn into a beautiful relationship. In fact, one of the best couples I know met at a bar. But more often than not, bars are just bad news. Not only are both people usually drunk, but many times the bar meeting merely leads to a hazy hookup instead of a meaningful relationship. Here are 5 much better places to meet your mate:

1. Online- Of course online dating comes with its risks. For one, you don't know how many other people these singles are dating while dating you. And two, the Internet often invites creeps. You just don't know if someone is telling the truth (which is why you should meet in a public place). But in general, I feel that online daters are looking for serious relationships. And if they aren't, their online profiles usually specify this.

2. School- If you're already considering going back to school, this is a great place to kill two birds with one stone by also broadening your dating options. School is the optimal place to find an educated partner with similar career goals. If you can't afford school full-time, consider taking one class you find interesting.

3. Weddings- Love is in the air at weddings, and singles are often lonely when all this love is flying about. So why not ask the cute girl or guy to dance? Just make sure you're not related first.

4. Exercise class- Whether it's a running group or a yoga class, meeting during a workout can certainly be hot. Not only are those feel-good endorphins already being released through exercise, but you're even more apt to be attracted to each other because of your shared love for loving your bodies.

5. Through mutual friends- This is probably the best way because your friends (if good ones) know you best and will choose wisely for you. In addition, 1) the other person has already been "screened" by your friend for signs of crazy, 2) you probably share similar interests because you share friends 3) and your friend can give a toast at your future wedding.

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