Jason Segel & Michelle Williams Hit The Red Carpet As A Couple!

Jason Segel at the Five-Year Engagement premiere

The couple steps out for the premiere of 'The Five-Year Engagement' and cuddle the whole night!

Our new favorite couple, Jason Segel and Michelle Williams, hit the red carpet together for the premeire of his new movie, The Five-Year Engagement at the Tribeca Film Festival. And, they weren't the least bit shy about displaying their love for each other, reports People.

Michelle was by Jason's side during the movie and remained there throughout the after-party at the Museum of Modern Art, stealing kisses here and there and whispering in each other's ears. We totally see why Michelle is smitten—her funny-guy boyfriend knows how to make people laugh and he's not the least bit afraid of a little romanceHot New Couple Alert: Michelle Williams & Jason Segel!

Jason spoke to People about his own engagement plans—but don't get too excited just yet. These plans are more general, and less Michelle-specific.

"My plan is to get her to marry me as quickly as possible before she finds out who I really am," he said. "I'll do it romantic, but I'll do it like over a three-day weekend. We'll meet on Friday, have our first date on Saturday, engaged on Sunday and married on Monday."

So, why is he feeling ready now to make that kind of commitment to the right woman (who may or may not be Michelle)?

"I hit my thirties and enough became enough. I'm ready to enter phase three. I put the puppets into a closet. I'm getting nice furniture," the actor explained. Aww! Jason Segel Tapes Photos Of Michelle Williams To His iPhone

Jason co-wrote the film, which is about an engaged couple whose wedding date repeatedly gets pushed off—for years. He said he wanted to show that relationships are complex, especially the longer two people are together.

"A lot of people say 'I do' to a moment, but they don't realize they're saying 'I do' to a lifetime," he said. Be A Great Groom: 3 Wedding Planning Tips For Men

We wonder, could there be an 'I do' to a lifetime with Michelle Williams in his future? Only time will tell, but we wouldn't hate it!

Tell us: Do you think Michelle and Jason could go the distance as a couple?

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