How to safely clean adult toys


Buying a sex toy can be a bit of an investment, they can be costly. People find though, that they ar

Buying a sex toy can be a bit of an investment, they can be costly. People find though, that they are totally worth the price. But why pay all that money, learn to love your new sex toy, only to have it destroyed by improper care. Or worse, have your favorite sex toy hurt you with an infection. If you’re going to have sex toys, you should also buy sex toy cleaner. Sex toy cleaner is not just soap and water; it is not even just a fancy alcohol swab. Sex toy cleaner comes in many varieties, just as sex toys do. Sex toy cleaner should be used after every time you play with them, before storage. Infections can happen even if you do not share toys. However if you’re determined not to pay for sex toy cleaner, here is a few tips to keeping your sex toys in healthy condition. CyberSkin toys are meant for sex, not rough chemicals. Be very careful if you’re going to refuse to use a sex toy cleaner on a realistic style toy. Use warm water, but make sure it’s not too hot! Dry completely before storing with cornstarch in a protective bag. Latex style sex toys can soak up whatever liquids they come into contact with. If you’re going to use soap and water, be very sure all the soap is rinsed away. It is easier to use a condom over these kinds of toys, then to constantly try to clean them properly with soap and water. (Or make it easier and use sex toy cleaner) Silicone toys are the easiest of the adult toys to maintain. (And the only kind I’d say you might get away without purchasing a sex toy cleaner) They can even stand up to boiling water, but only for a few minutes. Do this regularly to avoid giving yourself a nasty infection. Let it dry thoroughly before putting it away. Sex toys are really not meant to be shared, nor should they go from anal to vaginal use even with just yourself. If you’re going to do either of these things with your sex toy, I would highly recommend not being cheap and paying for the adult sex toys cleaner. Sex toy cleaners to not just clean, they disinfect when used properly. These toys are going into very intimate parts of the body, where an infection could grow easily. It is much easier to pay for sex toy cleaner then explain to the doctor just how you got that infection. As with any chemical, you want to be sure you’re not allergic to it. Sex toy cleaner is no different. Put a small bit on the inside of your wrist to test. However there is less risk of allergic reaction with sex toy cleaner then there is with soap and water. Soap is not meant to go inside your body


Anal toys
“Anal toys include beads, butt plugs or anything meant to stimulate the anus,” Heerten said.
Materials that are non-porus and have a flared base are preferred. Materials that are made of jelly plastic have seams or cords can be dangerous to the anal area. The cheaper plastics may contain phthalates, which are chemicals that may be absorbed into the body and may harm the body. Condom usage is suggested with anal toys to protect the sensitive region.
Toys without a base can become inserted wholly into the anus and become trapped, Heerten said.
“As with anal sex, lubricant is a necessity,” Pancharoen said. The pair stressed patience with anal toys. Non-porous materials can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.
“Don’t go out there and find the biggest dildo you can and shove it up your ass,” Heerten said. Adult Toys & Games: Sex Toys, Sex Games
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