Love Bytes: Guess Which Sex Writer Made The Time 100?

E L James
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Plus, men fake orgasms too. And for good reasons.

Every year, TIME puts out its list of 100 most influential people. This year, as always, it's populated with a smorgasbord of famous people, both serious and not. We're keen that both Chelsea Handler and Hillary Clinton made the list. But E.L. James, author of the much-talked-about S&M-themed novel Fifty Shades of Grey? That's much more controversial. A lot of people rightfully think the book isn't even well-written. Hm, what sayest you, dear reader? Check out TIME's entire list for yourself... (TIME)

While most of the population thinks that ladies kissing each other is just peachy, not everyone is as into it. A "parent group" is very uncomfortable with Urban Outfitters' decision put a lesbian couple smooching it up in their catalog. I suppose they, the upset parents, must not be urban enough to be properly outfitted. (The Gloss)

Even wonder why dudes on Wall Street like paying for sex? Read this, quite possibly the douchiest essay written... this week. (BuzzFeed)

My buddy Jeffrey Platts wants dudes to open their hearts and maybe even start talking about their feelings. (Good Men Project)

15 clues he is never, ever going to propose. (The Stir)

GD it. Dennis Hof wants Secret Service agents to start buying American prostitutes. No more monkeying around abroad. (Huffington Post)

The "dopest" new dating site matches people based on their usage of Twitter and Facebook. (Tecca)

Is it really possible to be happy when your ex meets someone new? (Madame Noire)

Men fake orgasms. And it's because they like you. (GuySpeed)

Do you know the UK show World Series Of Dating? You should. (

Got a good guy friend? Don't want him to fall in love with you, you heartless, arrogant jerk? (CollegeCandy)

How much whacking it is too much whacking it? (Em & Lo)

Who is the funniest lady out there? This is your chance to not let Zooey Deschanel win for once. (Gurl)

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