Couples & Tax Day: How To Handle The Madness

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My fiance does my taxes for me, and I love it. But everyone has a different dynamic.

Oh, taxes. While the rest of the world is complaining about them, I'm happily handing over a stack of W-2's to my man and getting on with my day.

For me, taxes are super confusing, especially because I work so many odd jobs and different freelance positions (hello, 1099s!) That's where my fiancé comes in — he magically does all of the work for me, declaring it an easy task and asking me to sign on the dotted line. 

Since I usually handle all of our budgeting and bills, Tax Day always serves as a gentle reminder that my guy does his part too, especially when I need it. That's the thing about our relationship — one person's shortcomings always happen to be the other's strengths.

But I'm probably one of the lucky ones in this respect. Tax Day stresses couples out. Instead of letting the stress chip away at your relationship, though, it's better to focus on its stronger aspects. Whatever your dynamic is, you should work with it. Maybe instead of having one person do the taxes, you two can work on it side-by-side and go through the process with each other. Teamwork and patience is definitely a relationship plus! 

The important thing is not to get too bogged down in little nuisances, especially with something as necessary (and annoying!) as taxes. If you know you're going to be a nervous wreck during tax time, make sure to give him fair warning—it's that time of year. But be fair, and remember not to take it personally if he's more crabby than usual.

And if you can, have fun with it! Turn it around and make a competitive game (men love this) with prizes (get as X-rated as you like!) for whoever finishes first. 

How do you and your guy handle tax season? 

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