Why I Hit Delete! When You Emailed Me Last Week

Love, Self

Online dating tips for clueless guys.

by Julie Robinson

  I realize that you never heard from me after sending a friendly little email my way on a popular website you pay good money for so you can date women.

I also realize that you are not entirely sure why this is the case. Did I get your email? Did I read it? Maybe I’m really busy? Have I already found a new boyfriend? No, no, no, and—uh—no.

There are probably a thousand reasons why emails from really good guys go unanswered by women on today’s online dating sites, but the reasons you think they get purged from our Inboxes have nothing to do with it.

Chances are you sent an initial bad email as your greeting. Open up some of the doozies you’ve sent off to the women you are not meeting and see if they fit the bill. Read more . . . .