Aww! Jason Segel Tapes Photos Of Michelle Williams To His iPhone

Jason Segel

Funnyman Jason Segel is also a sucker for love, taping photos of Michelle Williams to his iPhone.

It turns out that funnyman Jason Segel isn't just one of the most hilarious actors on the big and small screens – he's also a total sucker for love. Going back to classic high school romance, the 32-year-old actor was recently spotted toting around his iPhone adorned with pictures of girlfriend Michelle Williams blowing kisses and the words "I <3 You" taped to the back. 

And it seems that his feelings are reciprocated. After the death of Heath Ledger—Williams' ex-fiance and father of her six-year-old daughter Matilda—the 31-year-old Oscar nominee appears to have found love again. An insider recently revealed to Us Weekly:  "Michelle told one friend, 'I love him!'" Hot New Couple Alert: Michelle Williams & Jason Segel!

But, the road to new love hasn't been easy for Michelle, who reportedly was deeply affected by Ledger's death. "She is a romantic and and always felt partly responsible for not being able to help Heath," a source tells the magazine.

Although Williams and Segel have only been dating for a few months, they've been acquainted for some time through Williams' best friend, Busy Phillips. Since they went public, the couple has been spotted together all over Brooklyn, dining out and playing with Matilda. Michelle Williams Is Hurt By How Nightline Edited Heath Comments

The phone spotting came after Segel left a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, during which the Five-Year Engagment actor talked about his new film and declined to discuss his budding romance. But clearly, Michelle wasn't far from his thoughts. 

And, he's not just publicly showing his love on the back of his smartphone. Earlier this year, the star tweeted: "Honestly a totally hypothetical question but I'm curious. If I fell in love would you guys be happy?"

The tweet was later deleted, but the sentiment seems to have remained. 

Tell us: Do you think the couple is in love? Is Jason the right guy for Michelle?

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