Relationship Fail: Won't You Be My Teddy Bear?

teddy bear in bed

Let's face it: you're not looking for a man. You're looking for a soft, plush inanimate object!

Question: What's cute, cuddly and a little round in the middle? 
Answer: A teddy bear. Also, your future boyfriend... if that's what you're looking for!

This twenty-something woman from Chicago certainly is, and she couldn't be more straight-forward about it in her personal ad on Craigslist. I mean, the image she included pretty much says it all.

Basically boys, if you're Latino, honest and have an adorable beer belly that makes you resemble every child's favorite furry companion, then this gal will be all over you like... well, Pooh Bear on honey. Relationship Fail: I Hope It's OK I Just Proposed On Facebook

(Glittery love birds not included in your plushy, storybook happy ending.) 

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