Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart -episode 2

Love, Heartbreak

Story of broken heart and the events those helped me collect the beautiful pieces of my heart.

Continued from episode 1
Started thinking how all this happened in last three months …...

Me and Becky missed each other even when we were at work. I use to look on my phone to see if have a romantic text from Becky. But in last three months it wasn't the case. We didn't had much to talk; may be just a quick kiss with how was the day?

She was spending more time on face book and I was making myself busy with after work drinks with colleagues or some time with old mates. It was getting bit boring living the same life for long.

I remember one day Becky asked me the question after showing photo of her friend on face book. Isn't my friend beautiful? Actually sexy? I said she is alright not super hot. She was angry with my answer because we have different liking. I was confused with that. Another day Becky asked again about a model in newspaper I said yes she is hot and then she was angry that how can I say that in front of her.

She was taking me for granted with everything and I was getting irritated with this dominating behaviour. I started making excuses to stay out till late and that was time when she started chatting online and space between us started widening.

My bad time started with my ignorance about relationship and by making space between us. Becky was trying to find attention through chatting and met Tom in chat room. Which I came to know last night with the sound of the pieces of my broken heart.

I still can't believe that all this happened through online virtual world and taken away my real life love. Is this becoming true that we are playing in real life game controlled through computer technology? My weekend was over with a disaster and Sunday evening was getting quieter and quieter.

Went across the road to get some sausages and chips as my dinner. Chip shop guy asked me if I was alright after looking on face? I replied OK with a fake smile which was so hard to put on face. It was becoming hard to swallow those chips in this state of mind but kept eating and thinking.

It was nearly 9pm when I sent a text with a sorry to Becky for my indifferent attitude. But didn’t get a reply back and kept waiting and waiting. Today I was missing Becky in the bed and I was feeling lonely. Bed was so cold and I was struggling to sleep and keep my hands off from looking Becky next to me. Don't when I fall asleep and the daily alarm was beeping at 7am and I wake up with a massive headache.

Monday morning I was wide awake but there was no one to kick me out of the bed and asking me to switch off the alarm. Had a quick shower and was off for work. Some one was honking the horn on me at traffic light as I was stand still thinking about me dropping Becky to work. I reached to work but my face was looking weak and it was difficult for me to hide it for whole day. But with my man ego I managed to convince every one at work that I am just feeling feverish and every thing is fine. Day was passing at work and so my thoughts were coming and going in my head but some one touched my shoulder saying; are you coming for lunch?

Will continue in next episode next Saturday