Top 10 Weirdest Pet Names


Fido and Rover have been replaced by "Fatty Mcbutterpants"

You think celebrities have weird names for their kids? Apple and Sparrow have nothing on the monikers that you -- the public -- bestow upon your pets.

Fido and Rover seem as outdated for pets as Helen or Arthur are for humans. And while those have mostly been replaced by the Baileys and Bellas of the world, there are always a few people who take creativity to a place we just have to call, well: weird.

Banfield has released its annual list of the top trending (or weirdest) pet names. The company compiles the broadsheet after pouring through its patient database from over 800 hospitals and selecting the truly wacky. (Though it seems Chairman Meow is becoming semi-common now, no?)

Without further ado, The 10 Weirdest Pet Names from 2011:

Fatty Mcbutterpants

Sir Goose Slobberalot

Beetle Juice Monster Pants

Chairman Meow

Honey’s Lil Midnight Moonshine

Lord Godrick Von Mousenberg

Emperor Chewy Teddybear

Cookie Fudge Rainbow

Baron Von Doodle

Alyssa Butter Scooch

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