How you can make Long distance relationships easy


Long distance is never easy for anyone.

There are a million movies, books and broken hearted songs touting the impending doom that awaits all long distance relationships. Things get complicated and they get complicated really fast when people aren’t able to spend real face to face time together. But given that entire disaster scenario a lot of couples have no choice but to follow through with long distance. Often it’s the economy pushing people towards new jobs and pushing them away from their significant other. It’s not always easy for someone to pack up their bags and move out with someone for their new job or venture when they have nothing planned for themselves. Then there are issues of infidelity in long distance, communication problems, and a whole host of other issues. Couples can Skype sure, but they never know what’s really going on. Tools such as the Blackberry Tracker can help make things a little easier at times.

The subtext of love

They say they’re fine but they’re sitting around feeling miserable all the time. Several couples go through a lack in communication because people don’t know how to talk across state lines. Some don’t want to make things harder by voicing concerns about their relationship. By compromising and being accommodating sometimes people wreck their own relationships. What they really should’ve been doing is communicate. The app helps because it allows people to get a better look at someone’s texts, emails and general conversations. So if your girlfriend is crying about feeling insecure that you’re gone you can make an extra effort to make her feel special. Of if your boyfriend does.

Three’s a crowd

The app helps in analyzing the contact list, recording phone calls and keeping a log of all the text messages being sent and received. That’s how a long distance relationship if in jeopardy can be fixed. All that has to be done is to get the app installed in your significant other’s cell phone and here we go. All the calls, text messages, contact list, SIM changing’s, photos, videos and internet logging can be tracked, recorded and saved in minutes. So if you feel that you’re being taken for a ride the app can help clarify things. Often people don’t deal with long distance that well and they end up with someone else, but they find it hard to let go. Don’t become a tragic story and break things off before you get hurt if your partner’s affection is headed in another direction.

 Knowing what you want

Being sure about your relationships is better than being sorry. The app not only helps in making you comfortable about each other but also makes sure that you are not wasting your time by being with someone who is not interested. The app can help ensure that you don’t miss in on anything photos, videos, major breaking news and being there when needed. When you feel out of touch with your relationship you can go through these things to get reacquainted with the person you fell in love with. You maybe not be there to enjoy the real deal but at least you can get the next best thing.