Single Eva Longoria Staying Positive: "I'm A Hopeless Romantic"

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Even after having her heart broken, the Desperate Housewives star says she still believes in love.

Even a broken heart can't break the spirit of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. The actress says that even after going through another breakup, she's still a "hopeless romantic." 

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old parted ways with on-again, off-again boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, 27, the younger brother of Penelope Cruz (though, the former couple was recently spotted together). The breakup comes on the heals of Longoria's divorce in 2010, when she and NBA star Tony Parker split after three years of marriage amidst rumors that he cheated on her. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: Behind The Split

However, at the Pepsi NEXT launch event in Times Square last week, Longoria revealed to People her positive outlook: "I don't really have a philosophy on love, but I'm a hopeless romantic."

And it's not just in her love life that the star will be making a new start. With the eighth season of Desperate Housewives coming to an end, Longoria will also say goodbye to an eight-year relationship with her character, Gabrielle Solis, in order to make a fresh start in her career. Eva Longoria's "Best Sex Ever" Tip: Tie Me Up

"I think I'm in denial right now," she told People. "It's going to be sad, but I'm excited to move on." 

Longoria is already moving on to big things with her new fragrance, EVAMour, and an upcoming dating show that she's producing for NBC called All for Love. The show, which she describes as a "modern take on dating," is a perfect fit for a star who won't let heartbreak keep her from believing in love. 

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