68% Of Dog Owners Hug Pups More Than People


Are we more loving to animals than humans?

April 10th is a day dedicated to something you probably do multiple times within every 24-hour span: hug your dog. According to a new survey of U.S. dog owners, 68% of respondents said that they actually hug their pups more often than the people in their lives.

How much do we love grabbing onto our furry friends? 30 percent of those surveyed said they hug their dogs more than their relatives -- and 26 percent said that the hug their dogs more than their best friends.

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Which breeds are most affectionate?

Most dogs will appreciate your hugs -- but who is most likely to reciprocate your affection? Check out these cuddly breeds:

Cocker spaniels are one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there. They are smart, friendly, energetic, gentle, work-oriented, affectionate, eager to please. If you're going to adopt one of these pups, make sure you have ample time to spend with it, as the breed needs significant human interaction.

Labrador Retriever: In addition to being the most popular breed in the country, the lab is also one of the most affectionate. The breed is extremely loyal and loving, and needs to feel like part of the human family.

Beagle: If you ever feel the urge to snuggle up with one of Snoopy's family members, the feeling is probably mutual. That's because beagles are gentle, sweet, lively, curious, sociable, brave, smart, calm and of course, affectionate, little dogs.

Bichon Frise: It seems like these fluffy white fur balls always have a smile on their faces when they're around their humans. They're described as a "happy" breed and crave human companionship. The pups are good with children and seniors and despite their size, make great watchdogs.

Boxer: WebVet gives the boxer five out of five paws for affection. This playful and energetic breed is loyal, smart and protective. They need lots of human companionship and are great with children -- but at first can be wary of strangers.


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