Relationship Fail: You And I Are Like Two Sloths

sloth in tree
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That's one way to describe your marriage...

We know the popular sayings to describe two people who are meant to be together: "Oh, Tim and Sally? They're like two peas in a pod, birds of a feather, a match made in heaven..." But, we didn't know "sloths eating a string bean" was one of them! 

Check out this reader-submitted Relationship Fail by a couple on Facebook who like to post "relentlessly" about their marriage – even if what they're posting has nothing to do with relationships.

So, just to be clear, "R," your entire marriage with "A" involves the two of you laying on a blanket with your butts in the air as you unknowingly gnaw the same piece of food? Awesome. Relationship Fail: I Want To Cheat On My Wife With You

Good to know how things roll in your household – just remind us not to accept any invites over for "dinner" any time soon.

If you find an example of a particularly annoying, funny or weird thing that couples or singles post online—whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist or another site—we'd love to see it! Send your submissions to You won't regret it, but the offending person will!

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