Chasing the infatuation dragon

Anyone who has ever found themselves infatuated knows it's addiction is a strong one...

Infatuation... The mere mention of the word instantaneously stirs images and flashbacks of my childhood crushes and the early rumblings of my inner stalker (sorry guys).

I think most would agree that that if you have ever been infatuated with someone, that it is intoxicating, exciting, overwhelming and nearly impossible to resist. It makes you feel alive, warm, tingly, euphoric, alert and as if anything is possible. Though I have never ever myself dabbled in cocaine, I have friends who’ve described their initial experiences with it to be very similar to those same feelings I listed above. Interesting...

There are some who theorize that feelings of infatuation are simply our brains acting as mad scientists whipping up incredible doses of dopamine – Dopamine being the neurotransmitter that helps control our brains’ reward and pleasure centres. And while I am no doctor (and so don’t quote me on this), I believe that the result of coke use is very similar in that it produces a build-up of dopamine in the brain wherever dopamine transporters can be found.

According to the smarty-pants people at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cocaine-related withdrawal symptoms can include a lack of pleasure, anxiety, irritability, sleepiness, and sometimes agitation or extreme suspicion – not to mention a strong craving for more cocaine. If the state of infatuation mimics this drug so much, it is no wonder that some people lose their minds when the infatuation part of a relationships wear off. That or they end up jumping ship in search for someone new to recreate that feeling with again and again and again... And so begins the addiction for the next fix... It makes sense then, that just as those who finally do kick their coke habit often find true meaning in life and happiness after recovery, those who’ve enjoyed a relationship long enough to see their partner without sportin’ rose-coloured glasses tend to experience a deeper and more fulfilling type of relationship. It may not be the exciting Roller Coaster ride that you first set out on together, but I’ve never heard of anyone tossing their cookies on The Ferris Wheel – And it goes just as high and slower so that you can take more in.

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