Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart -episode 1

Love, Heartbreak

Story of broken heart and the events those helped me collect the beautiful pieces of my heart.

Episode 1

…...... Me who I am can't think what happened last night. Ooh my head is killing me; may be had too much of alcohol!!

No don't leave me please don't leave me; why I was shouting these words.

Becky where are you? Are you there in the kitchen?

Why I have tears coming out of my eyes? May be Becky is still here she hasn’t left me. Let me have a look around in the house. Aargh hit my knee in the chair; reminded me Becky's words (I don't love you any more) hit my heart before she left last night.

I love you Becky; please come back for me or I will die with out you. Tom is not a guy for you please don’t leave me for him. We had two and half good years together loving each other day and night. Why you broke my heart?

Just passed away on the bed again.

Sun is shining bright its 2pm can't even open my eyes due to brightness. Standing under the shower thinking do I still have life or I am life less with out Becky. I wish it was just a night mare and passed with the night.

As I was becoming more sober reality was coming in front of me that I am a broken heart by some one who I loved so much. Thoughts are coming to my mind that I should hit Tom to take a revenge; but why? He hasn't done any thing it's my girl who cheated on me.

Online chatting as much as I love it; now I hate it even more. I remember how me and Becky met on Love Youth. We spent nights chatting online and texting each other in days. But now Becky doesn't like if I text her; and say how was your morning. For her now it was nuisance and in past she expected me to text her every hour.

Today I am realising why people say girls are complicated and not easy to understand. My weekend is nearly over and I lost my love on Saturday night. Now feeling like my chest is empty and my heart sank. I wish there is a knock on the door and Becky comes back and hug me to wake me up from this night mare.

This is not a night mare it is reality that I have been dumped and left because I am not interesting any more. Becky was chatting online with Tom from three months on my back and sharing texts in the day time. I will go mad if I keep thinking about this; oh god what to do? I have lost my love.

Started thinking how all this happened in last three months …...

Will continue in next episode next Saturday