Lack of Respect


Holds up his ex over me. Every time.

I am getting so frustrated with my relationship. We have tried couples counseling and that seemed to be working but he wanted to quit after only one month. I liked it because I felt heard by him for the first time and it was a place where we could both speak without interrupting each other and with respect even in the face of high emotions.

When I tell him things like I don’t want to go to his family reunion with his ex wife, he tells me that she is more important to his family than I am! Ouch. Cruelty at it’s finest. How am I supposed to become important to them when this is only my second chance to meet most of them and she has been in their lives for 28 years. They are religious too and have already told Wayne he should never have gotten divorced. If she is there I will feel awkward and out of place.

So I told him no go. As I see it I have 2 choices, don’t go or break up with him for not supporting me. I mean this is not the first time and will not be the last I am sure.