Exclusive! "American Reunion's" Chris Klein: I'm A Romantic, Too

Chris Klein YourTango Exclusive

The actor on reuniting with his 'American Pie' crew and why he's perfect to play the romantic jock.

Leave it to a raunchy comedy franchise to leave me feeling overwhelmingly nostalgic and existential.

Does everyone grow up to be someone they never thought they would be? Is it ever possible to relive the glory days? And, most importantly, was high school really the most fun I'm ever going to have?

Man, I hope not.

But, the original American Pie crew sure do make those memories seem exciting and embarrassingly juvenile in the franchise's latest installment, American Reunion, in theaters Friday. Jim, Kevin, Oz, Finch, Stifler and the gang are back in Michigan for the class of 99's reunion, and while some things have definitely changed, others are oddly the same. They're Back! The Sexy 'American Pie' Crew Head Down Under

Take for instance, Chris Klein's character Oz, the hot-shot lacrosse player who's now a sports reporter for an ESPN-like network with a mansion in LA and a model girlfriend. But underneath his wealth and laughable stint on a Dancing With The Stars-like show, Oz is still the romantic softie he was 13 years ago.

Which is funny, because so is Chris Klein.

Here, the 33-year-old actor (who happens to throw around words like "stoked" and "gosh" just like Oz) reminisces with me about his first slice of American Pie and how he'll always be a romantic at heart:

I just saw American Reunion and thought it was hilarious – it brought me back to the 90s!

Yeah, me too – I give all the credit for that to Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, the writer/directors. They're fans of this franchise, first and foremost. For them, it was so incredibly important to get back to that first movie – to that feeling that we all had as an audience member. Back then, we had Blink 182 and Tonic, and the soundtrack was such a big part of the movie, so they did a great job of bringing us all back to the 90s. 6 Things We Learned From Our Favorite 90s Movies That Made Us BETTER At Love

What was it like getting the whole cast back together after so much time?

The best! I love these guys and the beautiful women we have in our cast. When we were shooting this, everyday I would wake up and pinch myself, saying, "This is what it's all about." I've known these guys forever now – we've seen each other grow up and we've been there for each other. I look up so much to Sean William Scott and Jason Biggs for the hard work they do in this movie, and Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge, who are comedy legends now, if I may say so.

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