Jennifer Aniston: I Know What I Want And I'm Not Settling

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The 43-year-old actress explains in UK InStyle how she's found her match in Justin Theroux.

 Jennifer Aniston sure has been having a lot of fun lately! The actress recently opened up in the latest issue of UK InStyle about her romance with Justin Theroux, how they met and the positive things she's learned from her past relationships.

The 43-year-old tells the magazine (according to UK's Daily Mail) of filming Wanderlust, which came out last month: "It was one of the most idyllic film experiences I've ever had. We spent three months together out on a lake, laughing the whole time. We became a family." Jennifer Aniston Has Plenty Of Nude Scenes In 'Wanderlust'

We'd have to agree it was a good experience, because that's when she fell in love with her boyfriend Justin Theroux, 40. She admits that she's "peaceful and joyful" because of their relationship, and this year, she's focusing on their connection, seeing "friends more" and traveling.

It's a different mindset than Aniston has had in the past. It took her a lot of failed princes to find Theroux, but many women can benefit from her current outlook on love. She admits, "Having experienced everything you don't want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want. As I get older, I realize what qualities are important in love, what suits me and what I won't settle for." 5 Love Lessons We Can Learn from Jennifer Aniston

We're glad to hear she's not settling with Mr. Theroux!

Tell us: Are you happy for Jennifer Aniston?

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