Divorce, Really?


How long is a woman supposed to patiently wait for the divorce to be final?

So, Brook is still not divorced. I have lived with him for 3 years. I have given myself the birthday present of moving out after my birthday in May if he does not finish it. They both claim to want the divorce, though she left him and is seemingly more motivated. And yet…even though they have had a marital separation agreement for 3 years and even though he has paid her all of the money to buy her out of the house she keeps throwing up roadblocks. They have agreed on splitting the retirement money and have met 3 fucking times with professionals to split it fairly, yet she will still not sign the MSA. Why you ask, so do I? Every frigging day.

She and I, I will call her Ann, get along pretty well. We are not best friends or anything but we talk and email. I will occasionally ask her for advice and she has let me know in no uncertain terms that she does not want Brook back. Say that 3 times fast. She herself has no romantic partners that are visible though God I wish she would date anyone at this point.

The latest roadblock is that she now wants to meet with another expert about their retirement and while I applaud her thoroughness I am sick to death at the speed with which they move. Snails are more motivated. And she expects Brook to pay. 800 dollars up front plus 5 dollars a minute. To get info they have already received.

I have had it. It is hard to believe that someone loves you when they won’t divorce their wife! I have no interest in marrying him. I just want him to be single. Yesterday he told me that Ann may be going to our family reunion with us! I have only met his family on the east coast once and have never been to the place where it is being held but she has been there. How fucking inconsiderate can you get? She just saw these people at a wedding 10 months ago, then at their house at Thanksgiving and now she is horning in on this trip! And he won’t stand up for me. He has no respect for my feelings in this. Look, I have had her to our house for multiple dinners, birthdays and holidays. But this is bullshit. How awkward is it going to be for everyone there? The (hopefully) ex-wife and the current girlfriend.How awkward for me to spend a week with her.