Katy Perry And Russell Brand Agree On Who Gets $6.5 Million House

Katy Perry and Rusell Brand

The two superstars are splitting up their assets without a prenup... and it's going amicably!

When we heard Katy Perry and Russell Brand signed exactly zero prenuptial agreements before they married, we were worried. When they announced their split last December after 14 months of marriage, we braced ourselves for a messy, brutal divorce. If he wanted to, Russell could have walked away with $20 million from his ex-wife—half of her earnings during the course of their ill-fated matrimony.

Scary, right? But in a refreshing turn of events, it seems the two are coming to an agreement with little bloodshed. Did Katy Perry & Russell Brand Split Over Their Sex Life?

According to Us Weekly, Russell has surrendered all his rights to their $6.5 million house in the Hollywood Hills, which the couple purchased last June. Who knows how long Katy will actually stay in the house herself, but at least they didn't have to duke it out for ownership of the sprawling property.

Court papers filed by Russell in February clarify where the couple stands right now, saying they "have entered into a comprehensive written settlement of all issues, including, without limitation, with respect to the property to be confirmed or assigned to each party."

While he could have grabbed $20 million before walking away from his wife once and for all, he didn't. Surprised? We are, just a little. No couple ever expects their marriage to end in divorce, but we figured if these two split—without a prenup!— things would get ugly fast. 5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable

Thankfully that wasn't the case, and that says a lot about their relationship. Things may have fallen apart, but they seem to still respect each other enough to make the split as smooth as possible. We wish them both the best from here on out!

Are you surprised that Russell gave Katy their house?

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