Love Bytes: Autism Is On The Rise In Children

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Plus, 9 "good" reasons to cheat and tips for moving in together.

What's the one thing you wish Facebook would do that it doesn't already? Obviously it's let you know which of your friends you may not want to share underpants with. Researchers and public health officials are experimenting with the social network model of tracking disease. Maybe they've also developed the ability to tag cold sores in photos... (Nerve)

Inasmuch as cheating can be considered legit, here are 9 "good" reasons to stray. (The Frisky)

Holy mackerel! What you can learn from hanging out with a male escort for two whole hours. (The Gloss)

As long as you're learning from Mr. Not-Quite-Right, it's not a waste of time. (The College Crush)

Prom was a pretty good life lesson too. Right? (Glo)

Grindr is a dating site for gay men who are ready to party NOW. But a straight woman can learn a thing or 10 from it. (HowAboutWe)

Second and third marriages are more likely to end in divorce, but it's not a certainty, so why not go for it anyway? (Huffington Post)

Autism is on the rise in children, and researchers are baffled. (Parenting)

Want to get a lil frisky outside of the bedroom? Here are six places to try. (The Stir)

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