Weird News: "McDonald's Led Me Into Prostitution"


A former employee says low wages at McDonald's forced her into the sex trade.

Shelley Lynn, a former prostitute and employee of the Las Vegas Chicken Ranch brothel, has claimed in a federal court complaint that McDonald's played a role in her becoming a sex worker, the Consumerist reports.

Lynn is suing McDonald's along with her ex-husband and his company Ivernia, which owned the local McDonald's franchise where Lynn was employed as a cashier 20 years ago, according to the complaint obtained by Courthouse News Service.

Handley "emotionally and psychologically" coerced Lynn into prostitution in part because McDonald's paid her minimum wage, offered a poor health care plans and no benefits and had no system for filing grievances against employers who abused their power, according to the complaint. All of these factors allowed Handley, her employer when the two began dating, to unjustly terminate her employment and browbeat her into sex work, Lynn claims.

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