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Love, Heartbreak

Esquire's annual sex survey reveals that one-third of men in relationships have cheated, and more...

Men never cease to surprise me. No matter how often I write about trends in male sex preferences, cheating and other relationship-related news, the latest and greatest surveys always seem to throw a giant wrench in whatever conclusions my previous research had established.

This year's annual Esquire sex survey is no different. The men's magazine surveyed 522 men aged 21 to 59. The topic? Sex, duh. More specifically, the questions focused on how fulfilled men are sexually, and just how far they are going to get that satisfaction if it's lacking. The results are a nice mix of slightly surprising and completely depressing.

For instance, married men are 25 percent more likely than their single counterparts to say they are satisfied with their sex lives. This in itself goes against everything romantic comedies starring Bradley Cooper have taught me. Don't men resent their wives for withholding sex after they walk down the aisle? Alas, some additional exploration of Esquire's findings yielded a few potential explanations.

To start, 34 percent of men in committed relationships have cheated on their current partner. Now, this includes other couples, not just married folk, but it's still noteworthy. Especially considering many of the men admitted to having more than one sexual partner outside of their current relationship. Ten percent confessed to having had four or more. Yikes! Could this be the cause behind their satisfaction? If so, perhaps they should be working on their relationship more instead of going outside of it.

Another jaw-dropping factoid: Fourteen percent of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man. This raises some seriously intriguing questions that, unfortunately, a quick online survey doesn't often allow participants to answer.

In fact, I'd be curious to find out more in-depth information about all of the findings from this survey. Another gem: Most men have more anxiety about their sexual performance than about contracting HIV. We can assume that the former is more common, but isn't the latter infinitely more scary? On my constant quest to truly understand the men of the world—and then blog about them for the entire Internet to share in my knowledge—every survey brings a big new surprise (or three).

What do you think about Esquire's sex survey?

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