Inside A South American Mail Order Bride Tour


24 single men signed up to mingle with hundreds of Colombian women.

A bus full of American men wearing dress shirts and ironed slacks is heading towards a Latino bikini contest held in a castle once owned by the textile king of Medellín. (His notoriety: The first man in Colombia kidnapped and held for ransom.) Passing Plaza Botero, nervousness fills the air -- like one would have if they were off to meet their future wife.

"What the f*** would I want to go to Kiev for? It's just a nuclear plant right next to Chernobyl," exclaims Earl from Oregon, ranting about international online dating. "Russia is run by the mafia. You're not always chatting with the girl in the profile." Earl looks like he's had some hard living. Earlier he boasted about being a stockbroker ("I lost a million dollars in one day") and a former heroin addict. Sitting next to Earl is a silent Colombian woman. She'll soon be Earl's wife. Neither of them can speak each other's language. The two will be married in a few days.

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