Love Bytes: Become A Better Kisser, Now

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Plus, a guide to the hot men of public radio.

Crying is an aphrodisiac? There is a song lyric, "a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying" but I assumed that was only for sadists. NOT SO! According to sciencetitians, a second date is more likely after a tear-jerker than a rom-com or action flick. (eHarmony)

Outside of Jesse Thorn, I can't think of one but here's a field guide to the man candy of public radio. (The Frisky)

Yikes. Susan G. Komen cancelled their day dedicated to lobbying the government for money. Please keep giving! (The Daily Beast)

I'm glad a few of those "clowns" in government have a sense of humor. 7 pieces of "anti-man" legislation proposed. (BuzzFeed)

If a reliable dude birth control medication was available, what would change (outside of birth control protein shakes)? (CollegeCandy)

What if it bothers you that your boyfriend has had much more sex than you? (Good Men Project)

According to science, you should flirt with someone you regularly see on a commute… just in case. (HowAboutWe)

Some stories of cheating are sordid and boring. This one is not like those. (Shine)

Is it violating "girl code" if you fink on a guy friend who is hooking up with two chicks, one of them you are also friendly with? (TresSugar)

She buried her husband in a herb garden. (Huffington Post)

Be a better kisser. Or else. (Modern Man)

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