8 Reasons Not To Bring A Date To A Wedding


Why going stag to a wedding is awesome.

The wedding season is upon us, folks, and some of us may or may not have dates to these blessed events where our friends and family gather to celebrate ever-lasting love, cute calligraphy, and free whiskey. That "Plus One" on the invitation can turn from a kind gesture into a mocking hate crime if you're single, but don't let going stag to a wedding scare you.

Yes, agreed, stag is a terrible word -- it sounds harsh and cold and lonely -- but it's time to take back its power. Instead of "stag" :( it's now "stag!" :)

In case my emoticons weren't convincing enough, here are 8 reasons you should be happy to go to a wedding without a date.

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Written by Lindsay Mannering for The Stir.

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