YourTango Experts Presents ... Online Dating Bootcamp!

YourTango Experts Presents ... Online Dating Bootcamp! [EXPERT]

Your 14-day guide to online dating, featuring expert advice, videos, photo galleries and much more!

Day 11: Internet Safety: How To Be Bold While Playing It Safe, featuring a video by YourTango Expert Louann Tung.

Day 12: Top 20 Tips For Online Dating Over 40, featuring advice from YourTango Experts Sally Landau and Julianne Cantarella.

Day 13: Full Circle: From Online Dater to Online Dating Coach, featuring a personal essay from YourTango Expert Erika Ettin.

Day 14: 5 Ways To Manage Your Online Dating Despair, featuring advice from YourTango Expert Heidi Lee Munson.

Still don't believe we can help you find love online? Follow the program and see for yourself.

Come back tomorrow for Online Dating Bootcamp, Day 2: Is Online Dating Really Worthwhile? featuring an interview with YourTango Expert Joe Amoia.