Who Likes To Crash Weddings? Queen Elizabeth II!

Queen Elizabeth II

The 85-year-old monarch made a surprise appearance at one couple's wedding!

With the exception of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, most people don't really expect the Queen of England to come to their wedding, let alone appear in the wedding photos. However, that is exactly what happened to commoners John and Frances Canning of Manchester, England this week, when Queen Elizabeth crashed their nuptials!

According to the Manchester Evening News via CelebDirtyLaundry, when the couple tied the knot at the Manchester Town Hall, they were informed in advance that the Queen and her husband Prince Phillip would be hosting a Diamond Jubilee event in the adjacent room. However, instead of rescheduling their wedding plans, 48-year-old John wrote a "joking" letter to Buckingham Palace to invite the Queen to their wedding, never believing that she would actually come. And, just as the couple expected, their invite was met with a polite letter of decline. 22 Fabulous Royal Weddings

However, on their big day, John and his 44-year-old bride Frances were flabbergasted when, shortly after they tied the knot, they were congratulated by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh who walked over to their side of the building.

"We never dreamt we would be able to meet her. When we had our ceremony, the staff asked us to wait for a moment in the corridor and just a few minutes later the Queen arrived. She knew both our names and apparently we had been especially added to her rota," said Frances to the Manchester Evening News.

To top off what had likely already been a fantastic day, the Queen posed for photographs with the couple's wedding party, and Prince Philip even chatted with the groom and asked where they were honeymooning.

Talk about a wedding to remember! 

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