Relationship Fail: Want To Date A "Lazy Cow"?

lazy cow

Something tells us this single lady's milk won't bring any boys to the yard...

Online dating experts are always stressing that you should know how to sell yourself to a potential match. This means listing your best qualities in your profile and posting photos that make you look like a fabulous catch. This does not mean that you should refer to yourself as a "lazy cow."

Love doctors everywhere will cringe after reading this personal ad a 50-year-old, straight woman in New York posted on Craigslist. They wouldn't be able to resuscitate this poor lady's chance of getting a date even if they tried:

Now, we're not qualified experts, but something tells us it's not a good idea to use the phrases "midlife crisis," "just swell" and "I've gotten a bit lazy" when trying to attract a mate. That's like highlighting in your resume that you're unmotivated, sloppy and unwilling to work past 3 p.m. on Fridays since you like an early happy hour. Relationship Fail: I Hope It's OK I Just Proposed On Facebook

If there are any gentle cowboys out there, you might be better off looking for greener pastures...

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