Meet Katy Perry's New Boyfriend: Baptiste Giabiconi

Katy Perry Baptiste Giabiconi

The 27-year-old singer's new boyfriend is a French model and musician!

It's been several months since Katy Perry and Russell Brand publicly announced that they were through with their 14-month long marriage, and it seems that the former couple has both moved onto newer models, literally.

Russell is said to be dating Hungarian model Nikolett Barabas, while Katy's new beau is 22-year-old French model and singer Baptiste Giabiconi. 5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable

"It's new, they're feeling it out, but they're spending a lot of time together," said a rep for the male model, reports the New York Post.

The rep also added that Baptiste, who has been spotted with Katy all over Paris and on the Eurostar train to London, is considering moving to LA to be closer to her. (It sounds like their relationship is getting serious, if you ask us!)

Besides being one of the highest paid male models in the world (Karl Lagerfeld once described Baptiste as a "male Gisele Bundchen"), Katy's new boy-toy is also an aspiring pop singer. Check out the music video for his song, "One Night In Paradise" here.

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