Ladies, Rihanna Wants You To Get Naked

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The singer admits it's the only way she has so much body confidence.

Rihanna has advice for women everywhere: get naked more often!

Even though she's been dubbed Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and wears plenty of partially nude outfits on stage and in magazines, the 24-year-old singer has had a tough time accepting all the good and bad about her body. Do You Agree That Rihanna Is 2011's Sexiest Woman Alive?

She recently revealed to Women's Fitness (via Daily Mail), "You always find something wrong, you always find something you're uncomfortable with, and one thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it." 

So, how did Rihanna overcome her doubts and get such killer confidence? As she says, "The more I got naked the more comfortable I felt. I just had to face my fear."

She finally thought: "'What's the worst that can happen?' and I just started being a little more daring with it. It was just knowing my body is the way it is no matter what that helped me, knowing that it is what it is under clothes or outside of clothes."

We like her idea of pure acceptance and love that she's facing a fear (even if some of her recent outfits are a bit unfashionable). She did admit that most people won't go along with this advice, but for her, it's working. 75% Of Readers Think Rihanna Needs To Dump Ex, Chris Brown!

To achieve her toned and healthy look, Rihanna sticks to short workouts (25-30 minutes) and five small meals a day. Though, she admits her latest battle is with microwave buttered popcorn!

Tell Us: Would you get naked more often to feel great about your body?

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