Say What?! Study Finds Ab Exercises Can Make Women Orgasm

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Researchers say some women experience exercise-induced orgasms or sexual pleasure.

Some women go to the gym to lose weight. Others go to build muscle. But a third group—they go for the orgasms.

Of course, you can't expect to automatically reach climax at the height of your StairMaster workout, but researchers have found that women can and do experience orgasms or sexual pleasure while exercising.

Before you go sprinting to the elliptical, allow me to explain. Researchers from Indiana University interviewed 124 women who have experienced exercise-induced orgasms, and 246 women who had experienced sexual pleasure while working up a sweat. Here's what they found: These "coregasms" (cute wordplay, researchers!) occur when the core abdominal muscles are being worked. So, lifting weights, a yoga session, an intense spin class—all could have you end up in a lady-part-induced frenzy of satisfaction. 4 Muscle Groups To Focus On If You Want *Earth-Shattering* Orgasms

Other key findings include:

  • 20% of these women said their exercise-induced orgasms were completely unexpected
  • 40% of women who have experienced exercise-induced orgasms or sexual pleasure said it's happened on more than 10 occasions (I guess some people are just more prone to these)
  • About half of the women said their orgasms were abs-training induced, 20% said they came from doing yoga, and 10% said they came during walking or hiking


I have to say, it must be super awkward to orgasm at the gym. But at least it sounds like these women weren't fantasizing about Ryan Gosling on a bear skin rug or anything — most of them reported not fantasizing about anyone during these experiences.

So, while we've always known that you don't need a man to have an orgasm, now it seems that all you need is a set of weights and the motivation to get to the gym.

Have you ever climaxed while exercising?

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