What?! Why Is Richard Gere Hating On "Pretty Woman"?

Richard Gere

The actor has some harsh words for the iconic movie that made him famous.

The cult 90s movie every girl grows up to worship in some manner is being bashed by none other than the man who was in it: Richard Gere.

The 62-year-old tells Women's Day that Pretty Woman is "my least favourite thing" and calls it "a silly romantic comedy." But, that silly comedy put him on the map in 1990 as a heartthrob and it launched Julia Roberts—who was only 22 at the time—into leading lady territory. 10 Most Romantic Love Quotes From Movies

So why is Gere being a hater?

Apparently, he's not too happy about the character he played. He tells the magazine that Edward Lewis glorified greedy Wall Street types and "it made those guys seem dashing, which was so wrong. Thankfully, today, we are all more sceptical of those guys."

The older actor can grump all he wants, but that doesn't change the fact that Pretty Woman earned more than $460 million at the box office and has been syndicated worldwide. Not to mention, we all love it!

Gere has been out and about promoting his new film Arbitrage ( a financial thriller), telling people that it has "real cause and effect," compared to the movie that made him famous. Meanwhile, his former co-star Julia Roberts, 44, is at work promoting Mirror, Mirror. We'll see if Roberts' evil queen will beat Gere's financial thriller. Julia Roberts Says Married Life Loses Luster

As for Pretty Woman, we'll still tune in whenever it's on TV.

Tell us: Do you think Richard Gere is being grumpy, or does he have a point?

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