What Food Says About Your Sex Life

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The relationship between eating and sexual behavior and what to eat and drink on a date

What foods you eat first from the table and how you eat them can tell your date a lot about your sex life. When you eat, you're using many of your senses -- taste, sight, smell and touch. These sensations are the same ones used during sex and, if you feed your lover, these sensations just might come into play.

We reached out to sexual therapist Dr. Sara NasserZadeh to explain relationship between eating and sexual behavior, and offer tips for how to eat and drink on a date. Watch the interview here.

 “Eating, having a relationship with your food, is a relationship on its own. So that’s a symbol that I look at and I figure how people relate to others around them,” Dr. NasserZadeh told genConnect. “Food is a reciprocal process as well – it gives you pleasure and then it gives you something – hopefully – nutritious for your body.” 

Just like exercising, eating too much or not enough can affect your performance. A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are key components to maintaining a strong reproductive system and heightened libido. Aphrodisiac foods like watermelon, avocado, nutmeg and celery can increase your desire. 

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About the author:  Dr. Sara NasserZadeh is a highly accredited psychosexual therapist, co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide and board member of the World Association for Sexual Health.