Love Bytes: Science Says You're Using Condoms Wrong

Love, Heartbreak

Plus, 12 different kinds of sex you really need to have.

Condoms are: A) the best way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases; B) sort of difficult to use; C) kind of a bummer; D) made of synthetic materials; or E) all of the above. According to scientists, most of you answered B. (HowAboutWe)

Relationship expert Helen Fisher did YourTango the honor of joining us for a great panel at SXSW. Find out why women make better cheaters. (Forbes)

While looking out for number one, you gotta be sure not to step in number two. How to avoid Mr. Wrong. (Betty Confidential)

Poppycock! Flapdoodle! Horsefeathers! Loud noises probably means she's faking it (her orgasm). (The Stir)

Faking it in bed is one thing, but faking it online is unforgivable. Here's how to spot a lying liar. (The Daily Beast)

While there are millions of sex mistakes you can make, you should really avoid these five. (CollegeCandy)

Eventually, you're gonna settle down, but you should have 12 different kinds of sex before you call it quits on the crazy stuff. (The Frisky)

Whoa. A first date involving church. Bad idea, man. (The Gloss)

Women (and men) oftentimes tell themselves lies that mostly make them feel terrible about dating. Cut it out. (Madame Noire)

What happens when the hunter is the hunted? A true tale of going in against the pickup artist community. (Nerve)

There are a few things you should probably not say to your friend getting a divorce. Avoid sentences that start with, "Well, on the bright side..." (Glo)

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